Pre-primary: (First three years)

Our Early childhood program emphasizes child-centric, self-learning and is concerned with the all-round intellectual instinct of the child’s development. We have adopted a program which makes the way further for children to learn naturally. This provides the child with a rich experience where proper learning can occur and also progress in social, emotional, creativity and physical well-being of children. We engage the children in following activities to be a part of natural learning process.

Practical Life Experiences

like shoe-tying, serving their Snacks… etc...

Sensorial Material Designing

like try to classify things, compare and arrange objects etc.

Basic Level Addition Games

like shape identification, computing and comparing this way tiny tots grasp basic mathematical relationship.

Daily PE Classes and Art, Craft

and other activities.

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Our philosophy identifies this important period and provides the child with the right elements to facilitate learning, including:


This period is also the right time to introduce a variety of concepts in the structured environment.
The concepts include:




We have identified a few factors that all preschools have to address in order to
maximize the child’s potential.


Child-centric Curriculum

A curriculum that is mapped to the individual learning needs of a
child, covering all the essential areas of development

Scientifically Designed Materials

Educational aids that are designed to meet the
learning objectives of the curriculum

Child Evalutaion

Evaluating the child’s progress through periodic
assessment of all areas of development

Branding and Communication

Effective branding strategy and communication
methods to position the school

Teacher Training

Training program that covers the philosophy,
methodology and materials

Knowledge Application

Linking the curriculum, materials and
teacher’s role while working with children

Administrative Tools

Smart design templates to run the preschool

Kalfun Maths :

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The KalFun Math Tool for Addition and Subtraction is a simple educational device specially designed with patented features, for early use by children from pre-KG to U.K.G. It is useful for students in special education.


The purposes of the tool are to help children:

  • Learn and develop a strong number sense
  • Understand properties of addition
  • Recognise patterns and relationships among numbers
  • Enhance memory and mental skills through building concepts
  • Develop algebraic thinking
  • The colourful and student friendly device presents the number sequence on slidable and rotatable blocks that serve as the reckoning slide on the top row. and provides a set of movable blocks on the bottom slide that are aligned neatly with the blocks on the top row in matching colors to help with counting and solving problems.


This design helps build math foundation in children and improve classroom performance by :

  • Combining all modes of learning - kinesthetic, tactile, and visual Minimising errors associated with loose pieces and use of fingers Helping to visualise patterns and relationships with ease
  • Children can explore one or more numbers on a daily basis and master addition facts of each number and learn various combinations is of arriving at the number in a systematic way
  • Once the children are taught the use of the tool for the first few numbers, they can use it themselves for learning other numbers and develop number sense on their own.
  • The repeated use of the tool will give them a clear understanding of the numbers, thereby enabling them to memories addition and subtraction facts with ease, in turn encouraging them to libel math.
  • The use of the tool helps with addition and subtraction problems, and develops mental arithmetic


Primary & Secondary Level (Grade I-IX)

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Our Curriculum is based upon the Karnataka State Curriculum, enriched with Islamic values and teachings. The aim of our curriculum is to provide opportunities for all our pupils to learn and achieve; to promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and to prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.


Quranic Enlightenment and Arabic:


We have an extensive curriculum for Islamic education. Seven sessions of Islamic topics are taught weekly, along with one Arabic language session a week. A religious assembly is held as a school two times a week and all pupils pray in congregation each day. The Islamic topics which are taught are;

  • Aqidah (theology) Akhlaaq (manners)
  • Quran (reading and tajweed, memorising and understanding)
  • Seerah (Biography) of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) & Hadiths Ibadah (worship) & Duas.
  • Tarbiyah
  • The school has developed a Tarbiyah programme in order to instil the teaching of Islam into the lives of pupils and staff. The programme focuses on the following areas: Worshiping Allah Practicing Sunnah Duties and responsibilities towards family, community and country. Personal development of Islam, Iman and Ihsan.


Memorization of the Quran :


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  • Optional Full time Program ( With core academic subjects)
  • Includes Extra-Curricular activities.
  • Program Designed and Supervised by eminent Scholars.